3rd International Congress of Health Communication

3er Congreso Internacional de Comunicación en Salud


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Call for abstracts




Faculty of Humanities, Communication and Documentation


Department of Journalism and Communication


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Health in the 21st Century


UC3M, 19-20 / October – 2017


On-line and on-campus attendance


Accredited Congress by the Continuing Education Committee of

National Health System

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Call for abstracts at 3ICHC,

Our traditional Call for Abstracts is now open and will run until 6th September 2017. As the leading platform connecting All people and promoting the latest Health Communication information and developments, the International Congress of Health Communication is the ideal venue for scientists, researchers, engineers, decision-makers, industry experts and commerce executives, academics, students, and young professionals to present their results to a global audience.

The Congress multidisciplinary programme enables abstracts to draw inspiration from a wide range of topics and aspects to write their paper:

              Health Communication Research

              Public Health

              Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Strategies

              Health in the Media

              Communication in Primary and/or Specialized Healthcare

              Communication with patients/users

              Society, Health and Welfare

              Health advertising

              Public Health Emergencies and Public Health Crisis

              Telehealth, Telemedicine, eHealth and Health 2.0

              Cinema and Health

              Communication and Health Education

Accepted abstracts will be either presented as oral presentations or poster presentations, offering high visibility to their authors and opening the door to valuable feedback as well as new ideas and collaborations. Abstracts must be submitted online.

We look forward to receiving your quality abstracts and maintain the reputation of the International Congress of Health Communication as one of the most popular features in the field.

Abstract submission and acceptance process

              Abstracts can be submitted and presented at 3ICHC in either SPANISH, ENGLISH or PORTUGUESE language.

              Submission of abstracts must be performed electronically via the congress web site, completing the following form.

              Abstracts must be written within the word limit of 300 words, including the following parts: Title, introduction, objectives, methods, results and conclusions. In addition, no more than 5 keywords are accepted, setting a minimum of 3. Information about the authors such as first name, last name, e-mail, workplace or studies -if you are a student- must be included. The author could send more than one scientific work as a -first author- and there is no limit to the number of co-authors per abstract.

              Proposals can be sent until 6th September, 2017. All of them will be subject to peer review by the Scientific Committee.

              Accepted abstracts will be published in Revista Española de Comunicación en Salud (RECS) (ISSN 1989-9882), indexed scientific journal. Moreover, authors will be able to publish their abstracts as a full-text journal article. To that end, the text should be submitted using the corresponding online platform from RECS (click here to register) and following the journal publication guidelines published in this link. The full texts of the abstracts accepted by the Scientific Committee will be invited to be submitted to RECS before October 16, 2017. These articles will be peer-reviewed according to the RECS regulations regarding scientific publications of indexed journals. Authors cannot be assured of getting published their text abstracts as a full-text journal article until this process of peer review is finished.

              On-line modality must be used to present abstracts (both oral and poster format). Authors must send within a month after the acceptance of their abstracts a 10- minute video file concerning oral communications and a PowerPoint, Word or PDF related to posters. Once the abstract acceptance is notified, authors will be explained in detail about the format required to prepare their presentations.

              After finishing the Congress, a certificate per communication will be issued between 48 and 72 hours, being sent to the main author by e-mail. The main author must resend the certificate to the co-authors.


Important information

              Once the author is notified of the abstract acceptance, in order to be presented at 3ICHC and published in the Congress Proceedings in RECS, each author and co-author, if any, of the abstract must pay 40€ to support the expenses of both publications and Congress organization. That is, if the communication is presented by 2 co-authors, a single payment of 80€ -40€ per author- must be accomplished. It must be paid into the UC3M bank account, having the option of receiving an invoice at the moment of paying if required.

              Those members of AECS who acquired the condition of member prior to 1st May 2017, staff at UC3M and UC3M students have a 50% payment reduction. That is, if the communication is sent by two co-authors and one of them is a member of AECS, a payment of 60€ (40 + 20) must be accomplished.

If you need any more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at ICHC@aecs.es

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Key dates

06th / September / 2017      Deadline for submission of abstracts

15th / September / 2017      Acceptance notification to authors

19th / October / 2017          Beginning of 3ICHC








UC3M is the organising institution and funder through the University Research Program for Organising Scientific Meetings