International Artic Circle Conference on Healthcare Technology Assessment - IACCHTA

Sustainability of Healthcare Services across Telemedicine

5 June 2015

Venue: Skagen Hotel, Nyholmsgt 11, Bodø, Norway


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On behalf of the University of Tromsø, Nordland Hospital and NILS Science & Sustainability,  I’d like to personally welcome each of you to Bodø on June 5th for our International Artic Circle Conference on Healthcare Technology Assessment. The theme will be “Sustainability of Healthcare Services across Telemedicine” and we will focus on the monitoring of implantable cardiac devices as an example of these new and innovative healthcare services. It’s an exciting time for everybody working in this field, as technological advancements may enable us to improve patient care and increase patient satisfaction and possibly reduce public health costs.


The one-day Conference will bring together experts in the fields of health economy, patient satisfaction research, home monitoring and cardiology, as well as representatives from the industry. The aim is to exchange knowledge and experience, present results and inspire new ideas – for the benefit of our patients and for a sustainable economy.


I´d like to invite each of you to Bodø in June and thus contribute with your expertise to a successful meeting.


Knut Tore Lappegård MD PhD

Senior consultant, Division of Medicine, Nordland Hospital

Professor, University of Tromsø


 « Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.

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